Angry Sky customers have taken aim at the television service over the removal of the Disney channels, with some claiming they were not notified about them being dropped.

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However, an email was sent to customers on October 8, advising subscribers of a change to the Sky Movies line-up from November 1 — including Sky Movies Disney being replaced by Sky Movies Family.

Disney Junior was not mentioned in the email.


The channels were removed on November 30, as the new streaming app Disney+ launched in New Zealand earlier that month.

However, some frustrated parents missed the memo and took to Sky's social media page to vent their outrage and query their subscription prices.

"Where's Disney channel and Disney Junior gone?," one asked.

"Shouldn't you have to contact users and tell then about channels being removed from their package before just taking them away? Or lower the subscription price?

"Not happy, my kids are guttered their fave channel is gone."

Another parent wrote: "Not happy Sky, will I be getting a reduction in my subscription now that you've removed the two Disney channels, the only kids' channels that my kids watch?"

The new Disney+ streaming service launched in November. Photo / AP
The new Disney+ streaming service launched in November. Photo / AP

One added: "Where have the Disney channel and Disney Jnr gone? Why was I not told it was going? I pay you to provide a service and expect service."

Sky media engagement manager Kristy Martin said the provider had not contacted all customers directly about the change because of "significant media coverage" over the launch of Disney+, including the fact that the Disney channels would be leaving Sky.


"We've had feedback from some customers that they would have liked to hear directly from us, and we're sorry that we didn't do that," she said.

"We are talking directly with those who have reached out to us, and are using our social channels to let customers know what our Sky family offering looks like now."

Martin said Sky's younger audiences are still spoilt for choice, with the launch of the pre-school channel CBeebies last month, along with the pre-school streaming service Hopster on Sky Go.

Sky also provides the kids' channels Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Nick Jr.

Martin added Sky Movies Disney had been replaced by Sky Movies Family, which will now be a permanent service instead of operating as a pop-up channel over the school holidays.

"Sky customers will continue to have access to a number of Disney movie titles across various Sky Movies channels, Neon, and Sky Box Office well into 2020."