Married at First Sight star Tracey Jewel says there was "a little bit of spite" involved in her decision to stay with a cheater.

The MAFS: Australia star was paired with Dean Wells on the top-rating reality show but the pair's rocky romance has become one of the show's biggest talking points.

That's because Jewel chose to stay with Wells after he formed plans with fellow contestant Davina Rankin to leave each other's partners and start their own relationship.

Jewel and Wells remain in a relationship on the show.


In an interview with ZM hosts Fletch, Vaughan and Megan, Jewel revealed her reasons for giving Wells another chance.

"It's so hard when someone cheats on you," she said. "It's not a black or white situation. I wanted the penny to drop (and for him) to give us a chance."

But Jewel also said there was "a little bit of spite" involved in her decision to remain together.

"I'm obviously very forgiving, maybe too forgiving. Maybe if I knew then what I know now there would have been a different outcome."

But she revealed there may be another reason involved in their decision to stay together.

When asked if Wells was generous in the bedroom, she replied: "I obviously hung around for a reason, right?"

Jewel said her time on the show had meant she was frequently spotted when she was out and about - and fans had no problem sharing their own cheating sagas.

"I'm getting people sharing their cheating stories with me. They're like, 'Hi Tracey,' then they're straight into it.

"It hits a nerve for a lot of people. It's one of those sensitive subjects."

Jewel said she doesn't believe Davina and Dean slept together. "I don't think they did, I think it was just that bar catch-up and yes I did see the text messages but I don't think they hooked up."

She said viewers hadn't seen many of the good times she and Wells had shared on the show.

"On the honeymoon we had some amazing times together," she said.