The Whanganui St Johns Club will find itself at the sharp end of a rare exhibition early in the New Year.

At the invitation of DartsNZ, British professional darts player Jamie "Jabba" Caven will match up against some of New Zealand's and Whanganui's finest exponents in an exhibition event on Wednesday, January 17.

DartsNZ director Craig Dunn said Caven has been playing top level darts since he won the world youth championships in 1993. He has appeared in numerous television events and has won a number of high profile ranking events worldwide.

"It is very rare that professional sportsmen of this calibre come to Whanganui for exhibitions of this nature, actually it has never happened before. We also have the privilege of hosting some of New Zealand's best players along with a number of local players who will all be playing against Jabba on the night," Dunn said.


"The night will consist of an opportunity for players from the audience to compete against Jabba during the first session. The second session being a more serious event with the selected players trying compete with the skills of Jabba. This will be the first event of it's type in Whanganui and with enough support could also be the start of something much bigger for the future."

Alongside Jabba the visiting Kiwi players will have been seen on television, some a number of times.

They include Mark McGrath (Ashhurst), Mark Cleaver (Stratford) and possibly Craig Caldwell (Porirua) depending on whether he is back from this year's world championships in the UK.

Whanganui players include Harley Smith, Cody Futcher, Brodi Skedgewell, Sam Laing, Verena Cleaver and Kim Peeti.