NZ Herald Focus presenter Laura McGoldrick returns to season 3 of Westside as nosy neighbour Wendy. The 28-year-old and her husband, Black Caps opening batsman Martin Guptill, recently announced the gender of their baby on Instagram.

1 What did you want to be growing up in Christchurch?

I was going to be Batman. The first Batman, Adam West, with the Kapow! signs. My parents rented that out so many times the video store said, "Look, just have it". I would like to have been as sporty as my two brothers but acting was my thing from about age 2. Being on stage is was I loved most. I did a lot of theatre in Christchurch and then came up to Auckland to do an onscreen acting course.

2 What was it like growing up in a sports mad family?

I had no choice but to like sports because we were around it so much. My parents' car company sponsored the New Zealand cricket team. When they sold the business, mum went on to represent a lot of the players as a sports agent. Dad ran Jade Stadium and both my brothers played cricket to a high level so we'd always go to their games. It made the weekends a lot more entertaining if I knew what was going on. Cricket's a long sport.

3 How did you wind up becoming a TV sports presenter?


While I was doing my performing arts degree I landed a job hosting a kids TV show called Push Play. Sky TV saw an interview I did with Shane Bond and asked me to audition for The Cricket Show. At that stage there were no women cricket presenters. Melodie Robinson was the pioneer for rugby. I probably put more pressure on myself than anyone else to do a good job. Inevitably you're going to get people going, "What does she know? She's just a girl who never played the sport." I did actually play cricket to high school level, I just wasn't very good. But I understand the game and I'm curious. You need to do enough research to ask appropriate questions.

4 How did you get a role in the Outrageous Fortune prequel Westside?

I still do auditions when I can. I auditioned for another role but was invited to play Wendy, the nosy neighbour who lives next door to the West family. She runs the community watch programme and takes her job very seriously. Last season she got attacked by someone she was spying on and may or may not have had relations with a member of Ted West's gang. This season she's back and just as annoying as ever. She just needs her own spin-off show now - Nosy Neighbours Out West.

5 What was the most cringe-worthy moment of the four years you spent co-hosting Radio Hauraki's breakfast show?

When Matt (Heath) and Jeremy (Wells) asked the Prime Minister at the time, John Key, if he did wees in the shower. I was sitting next to him just staring at my feet. The last time I'd interviewed him was on the sideline of the World Cup final and it had been very professional and serious. I respect that he was open about the fact he does it but shivers, it was just one of those moments where you're like, "Oh no. This is not good."

New Zealand Herald Focus presenter Laura McGoldrick. Photo / Doug Sherring
New Zealand Herald Focus presenter Laura McGoldrick. Photo / Doug Sherring
6 You now co-host Focus, the Herald website's daily video content, with Tristram Clayton. What's it like being a news journalist for the first time?

It's been a learning curve but I'm really enjoying it. I do a broad range of stories from sports to red carpet interviews for Spy to families sharing their stories about challenging circumstances. I enjoyed interviewing David Tua recently about his work helping young Polynesian men talk about depression and violence at home.

7 You married Black Caps opening batsman Martin Guptill in 2014. What did you first like about him?

I was 19 when I met Guppy. He was the second person I interviewed on The Cricket Show. He's the nicest person you'll ever meet. You don't have to talk to him for long to tell he's a good human. He's got the kindest heart. We became really good friends and got together a couple of years later. With him being away six to nine months a year, absence makes the heart grow fonder. It can be hard but that's the reality of sport and he's got to make the most of it while he can.

Laura McGoldrick and her husband Martin Guptill. Photo / Norrie Montgomery
Laura McGoldrick and her husband Martin Guptill. Photo / Norrie Montgomery
8 You're now pregnant with your first child. Why did you start a blog about it?

I've never felt more alone than during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because you can't tell anyone. All these really weird things are happening to your body and you can't go, "Is this normal? Oh thank God, it's not just me." The thing I like about pregnancy blogs is women can get together and share their stories. I like the comments. I'm asking lots of questions on my blog and I've been really lucky with other mums imparting their wisdom.

9 What's been the most challenging part of pregnancy for you?

During the early stages I had severe, all-day nausea. I was working right through the summer at the cricket doing sideline interviews. I had to put Gaviscon in my drink bottle to control the dry retching. You have a heightened sense of smell and most sports arenas smell like beer and sweat. I never actually vomited but I did nip off quite quickly after one interview.

10 You recently revealed your baby's gender on Instagram. Is that a 'thing' now?

Yes, I saw Dustin Johnson do a gender reveal on The Golf Show by hitting a golf ball that exploded into blue smoke. So I googled "gender reveal ball" and found a cricket ball that would explode into pink. I also saw a YouTube clip where a man started his car and the smoke came out pink. Mum organised a wee reveal cake with my nana and aunties in Christchurch before the social media announcement. It had, "He or She - what will it be?" and when my nana cut the cake it was pink.

11 Have you found it hard to keep up your fitness during pregnancy?

I used to do a lot of boxing which I miss but at the start I was so sick I was struggling to even go for walks. I heard pilates was good to keep you toned and this one wasn't cardio-based so I tried it. The trainer has done lots of courses in pregnancy pilates so I feel safe. I've been getting sciatica so I'll be walking along and then I'll suddenly drop like I've been shot in back of the leg which is a bit embarrassing.

12 How are you feeling about the birth?

Terrified. We've got our first ante-natal class tonight. Guppy's been really good. I've been reading Up The Duff and he gets me to give him a synopsis week to week. We have a three-week window for the birth while he's in the country, so no pressure. We'll be sweet. I'm thinking that if women get a "push present" he deserves a "patience present" because I have really pushed the boat out with complaining. I'm very melodramatic.

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