A promo for a television programme about the death of 3-year-old Nia Glassie did not breach broadcasting standards.

The promo, for an episode of Beyond the Darklands, included footage of Nia Glassie's funeral and her grave, comments from the sentencing judge, the reporter, a narrator and the host Nigel Latta.

Rotorua toddler Nia was murdered in 2007 by members of her extended family after suffering months of abuse.

A complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) alleged that the promo used unnecessarily graphic language and was sensationalist and distressing.


The BSA decided not to uphold the complaint based on the fact that the promo was aired at 8.20pm, that it was during police reality show The Force and that the Nia Glassie case was widely covered by the media.

"We understand that the case of Nia Glassie involved particularly disturbing and upsetting details, and that many people would prefer not to be reminded of these," the finding said.

"Nevertheless, these details were widely reported in the news and in other media at the time the case was being heard in court.

"We consider that the promo itself was relatively reserved, notwithstanding the subject matter of the upcoming programme. We are satisfied that, overall, the promo was respectful and showed due sensitivity. It was not gratuitous or sensationalist."