Two plus two = Google:

The world's most popular search engine has introduced a calculator letting you type problems directly into the search box using either words or numbers (such as either 4 or four) and get the answer. It's even smarter than basic stuff. You can convert metric measures or even ask the speed of light in furlongs. Use the normal search box or get it through the Google toolbar you can download at its site.

In the dark about the net:

The internet kept going during last week's blackout but meant Net communication went down for millions. One New Yorker managed to keep his blog going complete with pictures of the drama.


Six degrees of email:

More than 60,000 volunteers from 166 countries took part in a "six degrees of separation" study to prove that we are all six emails away from someone we know. Participants were asked to help pass a message to one of 18 people in 13 countries. It kind of worked for those who passed on the messages but most didn't get as far as reaching a sixth person. You can read the results and still try it for yourself.

Was the spam a scam?:

Now that the Kiwi spammer has been outed and claims to have ceased his operation, will the authorities be doing anything to test the manhood enlargement pills he was pushing? One American is testing them.

Stand by for the new OS:

Sun is taking registrations for a new cheaper OS and Office suite alternative dubbed Mad Hatter.