Amazing photos of supermoon dazzling in the sky have been by photographers from around the world.

Pictures were snapped of the supermoon rising from various locations including Statue of Liberty replica in New York, the London Eye on Downing St and the Uppatasanti Pagoda in Myanmar.

Clear skies across most of New Zealand made for great viewing conditions, with many would-be astronomers climbing Auckland's volcanoes to get the perfect shot as the moon rose over the horizon just before 9pm.

The moon was at its closest to Earth during its elliptical orbit, and appeared 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than normal.


If you didn't get to see the moon last night, don't fret - there will be two more supermoons early next year, on January 2 and 31.

The third supermoon has skygazers excited - as the second full moon in a calendar month it will become a "blue moon", and it will coincide with a lunar eclipse, making it a "blood moon". Nasa has named the event the "Supermoon trilogy".