What is it?

The Wonderboom is the smaller sibling to Ultimate Ears' hugely popular Boom 2 and is a perfectly-sized portable speaker to throw into your bag when you're heading to the bach, beach or swimming pool. It might not look like summer right now, but it will soon, and you'll need some tunes to soundtrack your adventures.

How does it work? Ultimate Ears has refined its speakers down to the bare minimum, making them super simple to use but very effective. Bluetooth connection is easy, the volume controls are nice and big, its rubber lining means the Wonderboom is unlikely to break if you drop it, and you won't spend much time working out how to make it go. Plug and play - it's as easy as that.

What's its best feature? It's waterproof, and it floats, for one, so that makes the Wonderboom perfect for anything involving excessive amounts of water. The small size is also a bonus: you can easily throw it in your bag without feeling the weight. It's got a long charge too: I took this to a bach and it lasted for most of two days. If your friend has a Wonderboom too, you can sync them for a surround-sound experience.


And the worst? If you already have a Megaboom or Boom 2, the Wonderboom won't replace those. Those superior models are bigger and come with fuller sound, and while Ultimate Ears promises you'll get 10 hours of "clear, crisp, non-stop sound with big, beautiful bass" out of the Wonderboom, it doesn't compare to those bigger models. But it's still impressive for the size of it.

Okay, so how much does it cost? Brand new, the UE Wonderboom comes in around the $169.99 mark, but keep an eye out on specials to nab it for cheap. If you're getting ready for summer, the Wonderboom is the perfect addition to your beach bag.