What is it?

Samsung claims its new range of QLED screens "ushers in a new era for televisions". It's a bold statement, especially when straight out of the box the Q8C looks a lot like previous models. But after a couple of weeks of testing and being supremely impressed by its crystal-clear screen, I'd agree with that statement. Mostly.

How does it work? It's a little more complicated than other Samsung TV's I've tried. This one comes with a hub that takes up space in your cabinet. It's a rectangular portal for all your wires but sitting on top of the bench, it just looks messy. There were also wires coming out of the TV and I initially had no idea what they were for. Once they were sorted, however, my 55-inch model TV worked like a dream.

What are its best bits?


That blisteringly bright screen is absolutely the drawcard here. Samsung says it's the first to offer "accurate colour with 100 per cent colour volume" and I was constantly amazed and just how bright the picture was. Apparently that's due to the "quantum dot technology" and advancements in "light efficiency". In layman's terms, it just looks dope.

Any downsides? I had a bit of trouble with the automatic dimmer making distracting adjustments to the screen contrast at random times. That was soon fixed by tinkering with the advanced settings. There are a lot of those and you'll want to get to grips with them. And you may want to take the batteries out of the spare remote control. Mine seemed to have connectivity issues.

So how much is it? The 55-inch model retails for $5999, the 65-inch for $7999, and the 75-inch for $13,999. They're top-end prices for a top-end television, but hopefully they become a little more affordable. For TV lovers, the Q8C is a dream.