There are times in our life where we love to treat ourselves; whether that be a holiday, a flash car, or the latest fashion accessory.

But would you think about opening your purse and buying a luxury pillow to give you the best night sleep?

The world's most expensive pillow has been found and it'll set you back a whopping $82,000.

So, what do you get for your $82,000?


The tailor-made luxury pillow was designed by neck specialist Thijs van der Hilst using 3D scanning technology to determine the precise shape required for the ultimate comfort and support.

The memory foam is designed to mould to the sleeper's head, neck and shoulders.

Each pillow is made with non-toxic Dutch memory foam and is covered in hand-stitched Mulberry silk, Egyptian cotton and 24-carat gold.

Part of the process sees van der Hilst finding out exactly how each client lays at night - on their side, back or stomach - before complex mathematics are done and the results sent off to his Holland-based team.

Mr van der Hilst has spent 15 years developing the pillow, and is convinced it'll fix everyone's sleeping woes.

The Tailor Made Pillow was unveiled at the Middle East interiors exhibition Index.