As if binge watching Netflix wasn't lazy enough - viewers could soon search for shows and movies without lifting a finger.

Netflix engineers unveiled a modified brain-reading headband that lets the wearer scroll through the platform and select items using just their brain.

The device works by reading brain activity and uses the feedback to control predetermined functions.

MindFlix, the creators of the modified headband, was one of the five teams that participated in Netflix's Hack Day event last week.


"Hack Day is a way for our product development team to take a break from everyday work, have fun, experiment with new technologies, and collaborate with new people," Netflix shared in a press release.

"Each Hack Day, we see a wide range of ideas on how to improve the product and internal tools as well as some that are just meant to be fun."

The headband was originally designed by Muse as a brain fitness tool that measures brain signals much like a heart rate monitor senses your heartbeat - to help the wearer relax more during meditation.

Users simply wear the plastic headband across their forehead, with sensors at the front and above the ears, to track their brain activity.

The gathered information is then beamed via Bluetooth to the user's mobile phone or computer, where it is "translated" in order to provide the wearer with feedback on what is happening in their brain while they meditate.

And MindFlix was able to use the device to take the laziness of binge watching to a new level.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a man watching Netflix while wearing the Muse headband.

He simply nods his head up and down to move the platform cursor horizontally or side to side to search vertically.


And when he landed on a title of interest, according to Engadget, he simply thought of the word or action "Play".

It has not yet been clear if the technology will ever be released on the market for the public or if it is just for show.

Netflix released another idea in November to enhance the streaming experience for its members.

The streaming platform revealed a bizarre chip and lens system that's implanted into the back of your head and with one tap, Netflix streams programs directly onto your eyes.

Called "Netflix Vista", although frightening, this gimmick technology is designed to promote Season three of Black Mirror and the short clip uses a similar lens from the "The Entire History if You" episode.

"What do you love most in life", asks the short video.


"What if the things you love could always be with you?"

The ad shows each person watching different scenes of Black Mirror, including the one that inspired Netflix Vista - fans of the show will recognize that the eye device mimics how Toby Kebbel's eyes went in The Entire History of You.