Kiwi drivers will soon be able to make Skype calls from their dashboard.

Car manufacturer Volvo is launching its latest semi-autonomous vehicles - its 90 series - equipped with a Skype productivity app.

The brand's New Zealand general manager Coby Duggan said the development showcased the potential for increased productivity while driving.

"Volvo's vision is to produce a seamless transition from the office to the car allowing us to spend less time behind a desk," Duggan said.


"As autonomous driving technology develops, reducing the need for drivers to have their full attention on the road, new concepts are being developed which will allow them to better utilise their time while travelling."

Duggan said Skype was used by millions of people around the globe and the addition of the app to its cars would allow drivers to view and hold meetings without needing to be in the office.

Ben Canning, Microsoft's director of product management for Skype for Business, said the move was the result of a global trend towards workplace flexibility - allowing staff to work as well out of the office as in.

"Volvo is leading the way in its recognition that the nature of work is increasingly mobile," Canning said.

"People need to be productive from anywhere - including their cars."