The PlayStation VR will launch in October for NZ$629, Sony confirmed today at a special presentation.

It's the first time Sony has confirmed a price and release date for its long-awaited virtual reality headset.

Called PSVR, the unit's final specifications include a 1920x1080 120Hz display (960x1080 per eye), 360-degree head tracking, a 100-degree field of view and less than 18ms latency.

The package includes an external processing box to help the PS4 hardware generate VR stereo imagery.


It will include a "Cinematic Mode," similar to a comparable feature in SteamVR, which allows users to play non-VR games or watch video on a giant virtual screen.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House said the late release date (compared to the competition) was to ensure the system had "a wide range" of software - around 50 titles - at launch.

Among those software experiences will be a PSVR-exclusive version of Star Wars Battlefront from EA, LucasArts and DICE.

Sony's pricing is an aggressive jab at VR competitors Oculus and HTC, whose headsets are both more expensive (US$600 and US$800, respectively) and require a more-expensive PC to operate.

House said that achieving that price took all the knowledge Sony has gained over the years, from hardware engineering to software development to manufacturing processes.

The PSVR hits shelves in time for the holidays, and requires a PlayStation 4.

What's included

Inspecting the imagery supplied by Sony, the system appears to include:
Here's what's included - and not included - with PSVR

• PSVR headset
• External VR processor unit
• Sony in-ear headphones
• Power supply for processor unit
• Connector cable for headset with build-in headset jack
• Cable for connecting processor unit to PS4
• USB cable, purpose unclear
• Additional HDMI cable, presumably for social screen


Notably, the package does not include the PlayStation Camera required to operate the headset; nor does it include the Move motion controllers required for certain types of input.

It also does not include a PlayStation 4, which should be obvious.

As for included software, a demo disc will come in the box, featuring a sampler of PSVR games, and a VR update of the Playroom app will be available as a free download.