At times we're just too busy, or too lazy, to nip out to the shops for that forgotten dinner ingredient.

An innovative Auckland teenager has created a service which could save us from such tedious chores.

Aryaman Taore, 17, has developed a phone app which promises to deliver almost anything you can think of to your door, and in less than an hour.

Mr Taore, who recently graduated from Howick's Botany Downs Secondary College, said he came up with the idea when he had a hankering for a fast-food burger but didn't have any transport, and the restaurant chain didn't deliver.


"I realised that maybe we could start a delivery service for these fast food chains and from there it developed into saying 'maybe we could do that for everything'."

The app, suitably-named LazyAz, allows users to order anything they want - from groceries to golf clubs.

Mr Taore and his team will then find out how much the item costs and quote the price.

If the customer decides to proceed with the transaction, the couriers will buy the item and deliver it to the customer's door.

For the first couple of weeks, LazyAz will charge just $3 for delivery on top of the retail price. This will then increase to $7.

Initially it will be available only in the Auckland CBD, but Mr Taore hopes to introduce the service to all New Zealand's major centres and, eventually, to Australia.

He also hopes to team up with restaurant chains and become their go-to delivery service.

"It's a genuinely novel concept that Kiwis can use in any way they like from ordering food to getting a phone charger to purchasing clothes."

A similar American service, Postmates, recently announced it had made 2.5 million deliveries.

Mr Taore already has one investor who has put $6000 into the fledgling business, but he is looking for more.

He also has two friends who will help to get it up and running - one taking orders and another who will join Mr Taore in making deliveries.

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