Two developers are using cutting edge virtual reality technology to create a hologram that can be customised to pimp computer-generated vehicles or bring animals back from the dead.

Wellington entrepreneurs and virtual reality developers Chris Mather, 24, and Neville Rodda, 31, are the masterminds behind a customisable and interactive hologram.

Their prototype can change the way we view a car, and also bring extinct animals to life.

With a swipe of a finger, the car and animal can be seen from a variety of angles.


"It's about describing the indescribable," Mr Rodda said. "It's so visual. It bridges the gap between virtual and reality.

"The possibilities are endless.

"You can walk into the car dealership and rotate the car around, change the colour, the tyres, the glass.

"It will give you an idea of what the car will look like before you order it."

He said the pair already had interest from a car dealership business.

The pair met at Biz Dojo, a collaborative workspace office where they initially built a small hologram.

"There was quite a line of people taking photos. They were really excited about it," Mr Rodda said.

"We decided it was something people wanted. So how do we make that happen so it can be introduced to everyday life and people can get some value from it."

The pair built the prototype from scratch in just four weeks.

"We built the hardware and the software all ourselves. We haven't had much sleep," he said.

The hologram could be used by businesses but also for education departments, Mr Rodda said.

"We can see it being very useful in museums because we can bring extinct animals to life and they can tell stories.

"We wanted to create something useful and of value, rather than for advertising."

Wellington Regional Economic Development agency chief executive Chris Whelan said the project would have global reach.

"This will attract worldwide attention for the creators themselves, and enhance Wellington's reputation as a global hub of design thinking and high-tech creativity," Mr Whelan said.