What is love?

It's a question on many Kiwis' lips, according to Google.

So is "what is Ebola?", "what is science?" and, importantly, "what is tahini?"

The company has compiled lists of the top 10 most searched terms by New Zealanders this year, including the most searched "how to", most searched overall, most searched Kiwis, top news items and most searched "what is".


The top 10 most searched "how to" included "how to dream?" and "how to twerk?" and number one on the "who is?" list was Jesus.

For those of you who don't know where Gallipoli is, there's no need to worry, you're not alone - the Turkish peninsula topped this year's list as the most searched "where is", followed by Glasgow, which, for the record, is the city in Scotland that was host to this year's third overall most searched item, the Commonwealth Games, and where 55 per cent of voters chose "yes" in the third overall most searched news item - the referendum for Scottish independence.

Taking out the top spot for the most searched term overall this year was the Fifa World Cup, followed by actor Robin Williams.

Malaysia Airlines, iPhone 6 and actor Jennifer Lawrence also made it on to the list.

Top searched news items of the year, based on what Kiwis searched on Google, included "Malaysian Airlines Crash", "Cyclone Lusi", "Ukraine News", "Robin Williams' Death" and "Ebola Outbreak".

Lorde topped the list of most searched Kiwis, and though Mona Dotcom made an appearance at number nine, her headline-making ex-husband Kim Dotcom did not feature.