We tweeted, shared, commented on and liked our way through this year's football World Cup. Social media records were smashed with the event generating the highest level of conversations on Facebook than any other event in the social network website's history.

Likewise, the World Cup was the biggest event yet for Twitter with 672 million tweets. The most popular match on Twitter was Germany's 7-1 victory over Brazil in one of the semi-finals, which sparked 35.6 million tweets. Germany's victory over Argentina generated 32.1 million tweets, but 618,000 tweets were posted per minute.

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We're spending more time on social media than ever before, but what do some of those hashtags mean? There is a different hashtag for ever day of the week. Here they are:


1 #ManCrushMonday (or #MCM)

This is just an excuse for guys to post pictures of themselves, and for others to upload photos of their boyfriends or celebrity crushes (mainly Ryan Gosling).

Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond The Pines?? #MCM pic.twitter.com/jVwvi0I5nD

2 #TransformationTuesday (or #TT)

Usually these posts contain before and after photos as an individual progresses with their personal goals. People who are into fitness or losing weight are fans of this particular hashtag, and those growing facial hair.

#TransformationTuesday Well done to Claire at Stockton North, great progress! Who's next to inspire us!? pic.twitter.com/DcmnE0P6yG

3 #WomenCrushWednesday (or #WCW)

Along the same lines as #MCM, #WCW is a place to post pictures of the women in your life, or your celebrity crush. There are 70 million tags with #WCW on Instagram.

#wcw all day everyday every year entire lifetime @idinamenzel pic.twitter.com/e13NVLhdY4

4 #ThrowbackThursday (or #TBT)

This is the most popular day of the week hashtag with over 200 million tags. On Throwback Thursday, people post cute baby photos or pictures from years past.

#TBT I think my posing was better at five pic.twitter.com/3rLhYouXuj

5 #FridayNight

Simply put, you use this hashtag to post about what you're up to on a Friday night.

Hiding my Taco Bell bag on the floor so the cashier at the Wendy's drive-through doesn't judge me. #FridayNight

6 #Caturday

The internet loves cats. #Caturday is an excuse to post photos of your cat, or anything cat-related, on a Saturday.

Yo. It's #Caturday and all #cats are $20 at Memphis Animal Services! RT and spread the joyful news! pic.twitter.com/cDFVuVlrtu

7 #SelfieSunday

This hashtag needs no explanation.

#SelfieSunday pic.twitter.com/M84GWAIRdl

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