Remember that anti-piracy advert that plays in cinemas? It went "You wouldn't download a car would you?". Well, guess what.

Thanks to Porsche, those lucky enough to own a 3D printer are doing just that as the German car maker has made downloadable 3D printer friendly blueprints available to print a 3D model of the 2014 Porsche Cayman.

Before you get too excited and envision driving a free Porsche for Xmas, the printed car is only a scale model and is a clever PR stunt aimed at promoting its 2014 Cayman.

Printing out the car should take anywhere up to several hours and in its unfinished uncolourised state the Cayman resembles a white car-shaped blob with wheels, but Porsche are encouraging people to choose their own colour schemes and to personalise the car before printing it.


The file is available for download on Porsche's website and Porsche is encouraging car printers to post a picture of their printed Cayman on the Porsche Facebook page.