Apple's newly-unveiled next generation of iPhone has been described as evolutionary but not revolutionary - and it's still not clear when the gadgets will hit New Zealand markets.

Fresh functions of the iPhone5s, revealed yesterday, include a fingerprint scanner instead of a lock code, an A7 chip enabling 64-bit technology, opens the door to hundreds of new features and applications, a more sophisticated camera, and finishes in gold, silver and "space grey".

But for many Apple fans, much of the surprise had already been spoiled by leaks.

When it is eventually sold here - New Zealand is missing from an initial September 20 release list that includes Australia, UK, US and Canada - the phone will be sold with Apple's revamped mobile software, iOS 7.


"It's definitely an evolution, but not a revolution," Telecommunications Users Association chief executive Paul Brislen said after yesterday's curtain-lift.

"It's slightly faster, it's got a slightly better battery and it's in a different colour - and I'm sorry, but colours don't scream technical innovation.

"We ended up with the app store, with music on your phone ... it suddenly became all things to all people and it's very hard to live up to that.

"I'm sure they'll sell really well - they are still selling really well - but it's getting harder and harder to completely change things, and I think we've kind of reached that plateau now where everyone just says, yes, it's an iPhone, I know what that does."

Technology commentator Peter Griffin also said much about the new product was "just incremental change you'd expect".

But he was interested to see how the fingerprint scanner would be received.

"That's never worked on a mass scale before and if they can make that work, it's going to be a massive game changer." founder Mark Webster believed the new product would be well recieved by Apple fans.

"And for people who are just looking for innovation and excitement ... they are not going to be happy. I just want to know what people expect these days. What do you want, anti-gravity? I mean, it's a phone."

Fingerprint scanner lock. A7 chip allows 64-bit technology and runs on iOS 7, enabling many new features including Control Centre, Notification Centre, improved multitasking, AirDrop, enhanced photos, Safari and Siri. M7 motion co-processor for data processing and improved power efficiency. Comes in gold, silver and space grey.

Availability and price:
Not yet announced for New Zealand. Available in UK, US, China, Australia, Japan and others on September 20. Will retail in Australia for A$869 ($1003) for the 16GB model, A$999 ($1153) for the 32GB model and A$1129 ($1303) for the 64GB model.

The iPhone5s will come in three colours.