The new ipad mini came out yesterday. Christchurch-based IT expert Glen Davies gave it a try.

I was sceptical about the new iPad mini, and have had a few debates with my son, who was convinced it was a good thing when Apple released it recently.

I couldn't see the need for a smaller version. Why wouldn't you pay a little extra and get the full size one?

Today I purchased one for work, as my employer is involved in the integration of technology into education, and we wanted to evaluate how the iPad mini might compare with the full-sized iPad as far as a student-owned device goes.

I am now in the unfortunate position of having to admit to my son that he was right. The smaller form factor just seems much less cumbersome - not that a normal iPad seemed all that cumbersome before having a play with the mini. As it was passed around the office the response was that it seemed much easier to hold and use than a regular iPad.


Speed and responsiveness were more than acceptable, and the built-in speakers are very adequate. The one downside is the lack of a retina display, if you are moving from an iPad 3 you will notice the difference - if not you will probably think it is just fine.

It looks like Apple may have slipped on standards slightly in the rush to get these out of the door though. The final finish on this one is not quite up to Apple's usual standards with the very edges of the screen appearing just slightly unfinished and sharp.

*Glen Davies is an IT manager at Core Education, plus a member of the NZ Institute of IT Professionals.