his own Twitter account.' />

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom has started his own Twitter account.

But don't expect a lot of inside dirt about his ongoing court battle with the United States over alleged criminal copyright violation by the Megaupload founder.

Instead, Dotcom has posted cover art to his upcoming music singles and pictures of his children and his lavish breakfast table.

"That's why I love the Internet. From zero to 1000 followers in one day. Let's make history together," Dotcom wrote.


He launched the account on June 19 and is already at nearly 3000 followers.

Dotcom was arrested with three Megaupload colleagues in January after a request for help from the United States. The FBI accused Dotcom and others working at the company of the world's biggest case of criminal copyright violation.

The four charged here - and one other in the Netherlands - face trial in the US over allegations they oversaw a "Mega-conspiracy" of copyright violation. The raids brought down the Megaupload websites, which had previously carried about 4 per cent of the world's internet traffic.

- Herald Online