Actor Stephen Fry has implored New Zealanders to demand better broadband, describing the service as "pathetic".

Mr Fry took to Twitter this morning saying the broadband here is "probably the worst" he has ever encountered after trying to upload a charity video for a dinner function.

"Rise up, Kiwis and demand better? You wouldn't allow crap roads with pot holes and single file. [That's] what you've got [Broadband wise]..." he wrote.

The English actor is in Wellington for the filming of the Peter Jackson film The Hobbit.


"I know, it's feeble to moan. I'm on set now. It's 6:15 and the wifi here is good. But I have So many videos and sound files to upload."

He then said a "smart guy" could make "a fortune and a fool of the complacent Telecomm [sic] and their contemptuous attitude to customers. Phew! Rant over."

Telecom then responded on Twitter.

"Ouch - we can send a mobile bband stick, to see if that's better? DM an address if keen. Is your WiFi with us, do you know?"

Mr Fry responded it was "kind of you to express an interest" and said he would feel better after a couple of flat whites.