Rockers Nirvana have had the cover art of their classic album Nevermind restored on Facebook following reports the image of a naked baby violated the website's terms and conditions.

The iconic photo of a swimming baby chasing a dollar bill underwater was removed from the group's official fan page this week, shortly after music bosses posted the image online to commemorate the record's 20th anniversary.

However, devotees visiting Nirvana's webpage on Wednesday were unable to view the cover art after it was allegedly labelled as graphic content and blocked from the social networking site.

The image has since been restored, but Facebook executives insist they weren't responsible for the temporary ban because naked babies are not included under the terms of use nudity clause.


"The photo on the cover of 'Nevermind' album does not actually violate Facebook's terms.

Facebook does allow photos of naked children 'that are clearly unable to stand on their own' in a non sexual situation - so in other words, babies.

Why? Put it this way - if a parent wanted to share some photos of a newborn with their grandparents, we wouldn't want them to not be able to share them on Facebook," a Facebook representative says.

Nevermind is set to be re-released in September in honour of its anniversary.