Dick Smith customers who bought products online during a computer glitch that saw products apparently being sold for free, are being offered a 10 percent discount off the actual price of the items.

The electronics retailers took its homepage offline this morning after the web error was discovered.

Purchasers using the website were told to pay only the cost for the delivery with no charge for the goods ordered.

This afternoon a Dick Smith spokeswoman said the company was investigating the cause of the problem and the site was now back online.

"Our call centre is in the process of contacting approximately 60 affected customers individually to cancel their orders, or as a gesture of goodwill to provide the products at 10 percent off the correct pricing."

The Australian-based company sells electronics, including big plasma TVs, laptop computers and iPhones, worth thousands of dollars.

One Twitter user wrote this morning "Well, my order just went through. 27inch iMac. Total price: $4.95. Come on Dick Smith, be a good sport and honour it. Haha."