A round-up of the latest technology news from around the globe.

WALLET CRACKERS: The Kena Kai wallet includes RF shielding so thieves can't read off data from any RFID-chipped cards you might be carrying.
Keeping your wallet shut just doesn't hack it any more.
Read about it at Slashgear.

THE KEY OF $: If you have some serious cash to spare you might like the Optimus Popularis computer keyboard. Each key is a programmable display in its own right. Handy for those 'I've forgotten what language I'm typing in' moments.
Have a look here.

OW, IT BURNS: Some Sony Vaio notebooks are getting so hot the machine twists out of shape. Half a million notebooks could be affected, but a firmware update should fix it. Too hot isn't cool.
Here's more at Gizmodo.

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME: The US Military have a Bat Hook device. Fling it over an overhead powerline so the razor blade inside cuts through the insulation. It powers phones and other devices. Hey, free electri...BZZZT! Pfff!
Details here.

BOOM BIDI BOOM: Electric Potential Sensors detect electrical activity in the heart without being attached to the body. In fact, they can be up to a metre away. That's nothing. CSI can probably detect it from a kilometre.
Check it out at physorg.