Vodafone mobile users have reported trouble connecting in Wellington yesterday and Taupo today.

Vodafone spokesman Paul Brislen said there had been no network outage, just a lot of pressure on the network from growing data usage.

"At certain times of the day there's a lot of congestion ... What
happens in Wellington is they come out of a meeting and all switch on their iPhones at the same time and find it's congested."

A discussion started on website Geekzone's forums yesterday detailing problems.

People wrote on the site that they could not connect in Wellington CBD even after turning their phones off and on.

But Mr Brislen said Geekzone discussions could overstate problems. "They get a bit carried away," he said.

Pressure on Vodafone's network from data usage - particularly from iPhones - was growing and the company was looking to meet that demand, Mr Brislen said.

"We're trying to stay one step ahead for data usage with the growing demand. It's a good problem to have."

Mr Brislen said despite the reports, Vodafone was "quite happy with our marketing" as the reliable mobile carrier, pushed after Telecom's repeated woes with XT.