Two sections of the mobile operator's website have been affected by technic' />

There are still "kinks" in mobile network newcomer 2degrees' website.

Two sections of the mobile operator's website have been affected by technical problems - the online store and a "self-care" section which allows customers to register their SIM card and personal details, check bills, select an 022 number or bring an existing mobile number on to the new network.

The pages providing information on the company's services and offers are unaffected.

The website carries the following message to customers: "We're still working really hard to iron out those kinks right now."

It also apologises for the "inconvenience".

Chief executive Eric Hertz said yesterday of the website woes: "They have identified the problem. They have found a solution."

He said he would be "deeply concerned" if the problem was not sorted by the end of the week.

Because the website issue had exposed the personal information of customers, Mr Hertz said the company had been particularly cautious about sorting out the problem.

A manual workaround to deal with queries, which would have been done automatically through the website, had resulted in some lengthy delays in talking to staff on the 0800 number.

2degrees has now employed temporary call centre staff to deal with the extra call volumes.

Mr Hertz said any speculation that the company was experiencing problems with the network was untrue.