Key Points:

Xbox 360 (M)

Pros: The sequel to mega-selling Xbox RPG fantasy title has made it to the next-gen console, cashing in on better graphics, and expanding on an already massive game. Initially, players decide on whether to play as a male or female, and as the game progresses their actions dictate whether they are good or evil. Behaviour towards "civilians" and nice or dastardly deeds completely change how the game is played. You can marry, get jobs buy property - even have sex. Or you can kill innocent people, steal and vandalise - but karma does exist in the Fable realm. Communication with other characters works well with the new expression wheel, helping to find tools needed for the often difficult quests.

Cons: Controls are jerky in fight scenes, but improve as you buy more powers and skills. Some users have reported system crashes around the six-hour gameplay mark, but a solid ten hours in, it has proved drama-free.

Verdict: Non-linear gameplay at its finest, building on an already excellent last-gen version, with even bigger environments and many new features.