Key Points:

Move over Princess Leia - there's a new hologram in the galaxy.

Kiwi singer Che Fu hit the stage at the Vector arena yesterday, performing hit song Fade Away to a crowd of about 500 business people - as a hologram.

The crowd barely had time to miss the real Che before the soulful singer joined his 3D projection on stage for a duet with his hologram self.

The "shimmery", pre-recorded Che was revealed at a lavish event to launch TelstraClear's NextIP network.

In other technical wizardry, a hologram of Australian talk show host Rove McManus was beamed in live to banter with MC Jeremy Corbett - the first time a live hologram has been sent across the Tasman.

And while you won't get your hands on a hologram machine of your own any time soon, one attendee said being at the event was just like watching the scene from Star Wars "when Princess Leia appears to ask Obi-Wan Kenobi for help".