For the Lions to win the Super Rugby final on Saturday it's pretty simple according to Springboks great Joel Stransky. Play your best rugby you've ever played and hope for a bit of luck...and an off day from the Crusaders.

Stransky admits the Johannesburg outfit a certainly against the wall when they run out onto AMI Stadium this weekend for their third straight final.

Stransky told the Radio Sport Breakfast the Lions need all 23 players to produce their 'absolute best'.

"The Crusaders are such a wonderful side that has played such wonderful rugby all season. If the Lions are to come out on top, every single player in that squad out of their boots, above their normal ability and a little bit of fortune and possibly catch the Crusaders on a slightly off day," he said.


"It's up to all 23 players to play their absolute best to find a way to beat the Crusaders. It's a big ask. If you put it into perspective, home ground advantage is enormous for the Crusaders. The travel factor for any team that cross the Indian Ocean is to their detriment in a huge way," Stransky added.

The Lions have a third shot in as many years to record their maiden title, an impressive feat for a side that were the easy beats of the Super Rugby competition for so long.

From 2002 to 2014 the Lions finished in the bottom four of the competition every season including last place on five occasions. 2010 was their low when they didn't record a win, losing all 13 games and producing a points differential of −315.

"Seven or eight years ago it looked like they'd never make the top half of the competition but they have certainly come good," Stransky said.

"They've built a great culture, a great environment and a group of players who really play for each other and they're getting some good results.

"John Mitchell laid a great foundation six or seven years ago, put a lot of faith in the young players. Nurtured them, brought them along and gave them self-belief and that slow process grew and blossomed even further under Johan Ackermann and now under Swys de Bruin.

"I'm not sure they're as good as they were last year but the critical thing has been the continuity. They've lost or two players, they've managed to replace them but the style, the captain, the environment has remained the same. That is why I think this team has gelled and grown."