Dairy farmers with an interest in shaping the future of New Zealand's dairy sector are invited to apply for two director roles with industry good body DairyNZ.

DairyNZ board member Peter Schuyt says it's an important time for the dairy sector, and the board will play a key role in setting strategy in a rapidly changing environment.

"The dairy sector has made significant progress to prepare for the future, particularly in developing on-farm environmental mitigations. DairyNZ is in a unique position to advocate for farmers to influence future policy and support farmers with solutions to adapt their farming systems.

"Farmers are operating in a challenging climate, facing significant on-farm changes due to legislative change, alongside the uncertainties associated with a Covid world."


Peter says the board is responsible for setting DairyNZ strategy which guides future research investments, and for monitoring the delivery of the strategy.

"Both DairyNZ's board and staff are passionate about working to create a better future for dairy farmers and we are looking for someone who shares this goal."

Appointments to DairyNZ's board of directors apply for three years, with directors retiring by rotation. This year director and chairman Jim van der Poel and director Colin Glass are retiring by rotation from DairyNZ's board of directors. Both are standing for re-election.

DairyNZ is also inviting applications from farmers for one position on the directors' remuneration committee which independently sets board fees.

Both the board and the directors' remuneration committee roles are open to current levy paying dairy farmers. Two current levy payers must nominate candidates.

Nominations must be received by 12 noon on Thursday, September 3. For more information on the roles visit dairynz.co.nz/agm