A custom-made desk, some huge flat screen TV panels and three new microphones are just some of the changes making The Hits Taranaki announcer Emma Helleur's work life easier, she says.

"I am really pleased with the new studio NZME has put in our New Plymouth office for The Hits Taranaki, not only because it looks great, but because it is a clear sign of the investment NZME is making in having a local daytime show in the community."

The new studio was finished at the end of August, and Emma says it has already made a difference in her work.

"The new control panel is just amazing. It is intuitive to use and makes parts of the job much more straightforward."


As a day announcer on The Hits, Emma says the job can get "very busy" at times.

"We have people calling in to talk about something local we have just discussed on air, or to enter local competitions we are running, as well as people from all around Taranaki calling to enter the national 'cue to call' competitions we have on the go as well.

I need to take their calls, and get that on air while also making sure our weather updates are given on time as well as dealing with any breaking news in the region. All this while also making sure our listeners are enjoying The Hits' excellent music playlist without any hitches!"

Emma says she is also enjoying having such a "flash" studio to interview guests in when she does interviews with local personalities or visiting celebrities. "The first few days I was almost scared to touch anything as it all looks so new and shiny!"

With Emma live on air from 9am to 3pm on weekdays, she says the studio is practically her second home. "So having something which looks and feels great is important as I spend so much time here."

Emma says her studio wasn't the only one to receive a makeover, as the other studio in the building also received one. That studio is mainly used by Emma's colleague, Bryan Vickery of NZME station Hokonui, who hosts a local breakfast show on weekdays from 6am to 9am.

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