Troubled former footballer Paul Gascoigne, 43, turned up at the Rothbury police cordon claiming he was Raoul Moat's friend and could mediate.

The former England star, who has battled with drink and drugs, arrived with a can of lager, chicken, a fishing rod, a mobile phone and a dressing gown for Moat. His arrival stunned onlookers and police, who claimed Gascoigne did not know Moat.

In a slurring rant, Gascoigne said he knew Moat from when he was a bouncer.

"I felt sorry for him. I got in a taxi and went to stay in a B&B. All I have to do is walk through the moors shouting, 'Moaty it's Gazza'. I'll speak to him. I am a good friend of his."

Gascoigne's agent was shocked to learn he was in Rothbury. Kenny Shepherd said: "He's doing what? ... I'm speechless."