Key Points:

The New York Times announced today that it will syndicate content from the ReadWriteWeb tech blog, as part of a re-design of its online Technology section.

ReadWriteWeb is one of the top ten blogs in the world, and the founder and editor is New Zealander
Richard MacManus.

Although ReadWriteWeb has a global focus and is staffed mostly by Americans, MacManus continues to run the site from his Lower Hutt home office.

MacManus wrote on ReadWriteWeb today that "this is great news for us, because it brings our brand of web technology news, reviews and analysis to a much wider audience."

"It also means that the innovative and often little known startups we write about daily get a chance to be seen in
a mainstream publication.

"The New York Times has a reputation for quality and in-depth journalism, attributes that we strive for on ReadWriteWeb - so we're excited about this partnership."

MacManus also said that it is "further vindication that blogs are
increasingly being accepted as mainstream news and analysis

Along with ReadWriteWeb, The New York Times will also syndicate
content from VentureBeat and GigaOm. The New York Times re-design is
now live, although syndicated content won't go live until October.