Kiwi actor James Trevena has announced his engagement to Shannara Chronicles co-star Ivana Baquero, sending the show's fans into a frenzy.

The pair met five years ago on the MTV fantasy series when it was filmed in New Zealand and now live in Los Angeles.

Trevena wouldn't reveal any of his wedding venue plans - NZ, LA or Spain, Baquero's homeland. But the 33-year old actor did tell Spy that his new fiancee loves Aotearoa - especially Kapiti.

On Shannara, Trevena played Captain Crispin Edensong and Baquero played Eretria. One fan posted their congratulations with throwback picture to when Captain Crispin and Eretria were on horseback.


Of her engagement, Baquero told her fans that love was inevitable from the day they met. While Trevena told fans the pair would officially be going by the celebrity name "Ivana" as his fiancee was the only celebrity.

James Trevena-Brown and Ivana Baquero are engaged. Photo: Instagram
James Trevena-Brown and Ivana Baquero are engaged. Photo: Instagram

Baquero, 26, graduated high school at The American School of Barcelona in 2012. At the age of 12 she got her award-winning big break in 2006 when Guillermo Del Toro cast her as the lead in his critically acclaimed fantasy thriller Pan's Labyrinth.

Her first American role was in the feature film The New Daughter, where she starred opposite Kevin Costner and then headed to NZ for Shannara.

The happy couple have been in Hollywood together for several years and celebrated each other's success. Baquero is starring in the Netflix Spanish mystery series Alta Mar and Trevena has starred in a movie about Charles Manson called Charlie Says.

Trevena tells Spy that he has a new series coming up in Hollywood called Sacrifice, with Hitch star Paula Patton, which will film early next year.