Fancy a designer look without the price tag? Teagan Voykovich, the style-savvy partner of All Black Aaron Smith has launched a new designer clothing rental business

Styled by Smith (SBS), based at Voykovich's new studio in Dunedin, leases designer handbags, dresses and accessories online. International labels Gucci, Dior and Fendi sit alongside local designers Paris Georgia, Karen Walker and Maggie Marilyn for those wanting a night of pure glamour for a fraction of the retail price.

Voykovich, who had the help of her grandad to paint the SBS studio, launched the new venture last week with a launch party for family and friends.

It is a busy time for Voykovich - the mother of nearly 1-year-old Luka already owns an F45 Gym with halfback Smith.


Fatima Savea, wife of former All Black Julian, is also entering the luxury-leasing clothing business model. The Saveas, and 2-year-old daughter Jude, recently returned to New Zealand from France after Savea announced his departure from Toulon in May.

Fatima, who is known to have a love of owning handbags from designers such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel, is soon to launch a website called Style Lounge by Tima Savea, specialising in renting out designer handbags. So far it looks like she has a good stock of her favourite labels, which also include Dior and Prada.

Instead of settling back into their former Wellington home, the family has moved to Takapuna. Spy understands part of the reason for positioning themselves on the Shore is to be closer to Fatima's family.

They have been strolling on Takapuna beach and hanging out at home while they wait to hear about Julian's next rugby move. He recently helped coach the Westlake Boys First IV and this week appeared on the Sky TV sports' show Pacific Brothers.

The new businesses are entering a growing market for the partners of rugby players. Casey Green, former wife of former All Black Ali Williams, became the co-owner of Oh Rent Me with Saejung Oh in 2017. Oh launched that Newmarket business in 2014.

A new clothing rental venture has been set up by the partner of All Black Aaron Smith.
A new clothing rental venture has been set up by the partner of All Black Aaron Smith.