Will social distancing demands mean it could be a case of mannequins and blow-up dolls on the set of Westside when the stars return to filming tomorrow?

Over the course of five previous seasons of the award-winning series, the show has been known for raunchy sex scenes and more than its fair share of exposed flesh. With the restrictions in place under level 2, how will they execute the intimate moments for which the show is famous? Will we see co-stars being replaced by mannequins in some of the more racy scenes?

South Pacific Pictures Head of Production, Sally Campbell, says she doesn't think it will come to that.

"Westside will be adhering to all Screensafe guidelines and workplace Health and Safety protocols when we recommence filming at level 2. Our absolute priority is ensuring the health and safety of our cast and crew," she says.


"The show does have elements to it that mean people act in very close proximity to each other, particularly with the more intimate scenes, but with use of camera positioning and the magic of editing we can still make these moments work, even if there are health and safety restrictions in place."

"We may look to film some of the more risque scenes much later in the production when guidelines are potentially more flexible, which means there might not be any closed set moments in the first few weeks back. We'd very much hope that we don't get to a situation where we have to use a mannequin instead of the real deal."

Spy understands the final series of Westside will be a spectacular farewell - look out for some familiar faces returning; a massive turf war and a shocking departure.

Antonia Prebble in Westside
Antonia Prebble in Westside

Jessica Grace Smith, who plays pivotal character Cheryl, believes fans will not be disappointed by saga's finale.

"This season starts off particularly kickass for Cheryl. She and Wolf are flying high as she makes bank running her own dodgy deals, while all the kids run amok in their two-storey house with a pool," she says. "But of course, there is danger around every corner for the Wests and this season potentially has even more for Cheryl and Wolf, not to mention some really tragic news everyone is reeling from and which is going to blow their lives apart."

After an eight-week hiatus, Grace Smith says she is hugely excited to be back in the studio to start filming.

"I can't wait to see my on-screen husband, Reef (who plays Wolf) and our wonderful crew - I have already seen (albeit briefly!) Dave, Toni, Dan, Sophie and Esther not to mention beautiful Katie our hair and make-up artist, who did my cut and colour yesterday - the regrowth was real."

Leading lady Antonia Prebble is simply grateful that they'll be able to complete the show of which she has now been a part for almost 16 years, having also spent six series on Westside's sequel Outrageous Fortune as surly teenager Loretta West.


"We are so close to finishing the story of the Wests, so I'm relieved we will actually get to tell these last tales and wrap up the series in style. I'm glad we didn't decide to restart in level 3 though...my hairdressing skills would really not do Rita's wig justice!"