Spy's favourite country music singer Tami Neilson had her beautiful new song, You Were Mine, premiered exclusively on Billboard last week and the singer says it took time to release it due to its sensitive content.

The music video was created by Neilson's brother, Todd, and included a fiery blaze. Due to the bush fires sweeping Australia, she has decided against releasing it at this time.

The artwork for the single also features Neilson surrounded by flames. The singer explained to fans who see or listen to it on streaming services that it was too late for her to change it "and not meant to be insensitive to my dear friends in Australia".

She has been passionate about helping out the Australian Red Cross bush fire relief fund and recently put her famous "look" up for auction - a beehive hairdo workshop at Dry and Tea in Auckland.


The winners will be taught the secrets to her sky-scraping beehive and how to create their own. She says, "I'll help you do yours too!"

The singer wrote the song with her other brother, Jay, and the song was in part inspired by the death of their father.

"We had recently lost our beloved Dad and were discussing how, when you lose someone, it is such a line in the sand, a marker in time," Neilson told Billboard.

"We talk about everything in terms of before and after - each family event, each movie that comes out, each album that is recorded: 'Was Dad there for that? Did he see that movie or was it after? He would've loved that album'.

"So, this song is for anyone who measures time against a deep loss of love that was an integral part of the fabric that makes up their life."

Tami Neilson played 65 shows in 10 countries last year. Photo / Babiche Martens
Tami Neilson played 65 shows in 10 countries last year. Photo / Babiche Martens

The song is the latest release for her upcoming new album, CHICKABOOM! which is released worldwide on February 14.

Neilson did 65 shows in 10 countries last year, many in North America and she has already had many rave reviews including Billboard and Rolling Stone magazines, who said CHICKABOOM! doubles down on her firecracker voice and throwback thrust.

The singer enjoyed time with her children over summer before heading to Mt Maunganui to take the stage with Gin Wigmore and Hollie Smith earlier this month. She is currently in New Orleans for five showcases at the Folk Alliance International Conference and will be back in New Zealand early next month.

Her CHICKABOOM! World Tour is in Europe during March and April.


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