Max Key's former flame, journalist Amelia Finlayson, has packed up her busy Auckland life and moved to Los Angeles.

It's been four years since Finlayson came into the public consciousness after a holiday with Key and his family in Hawaii. The two filled headlines for months after, with readers curious about the glamourous girlfriend of the "first son".

In less than a year — and after many social media posts — the relationship was over. Finlayson has not been one to kiss and tell, instead making a name for herself around town as a socialite, influencer and achieving a bachelor of communications, majoring in journalism.

The 22-year-old blonde bombshell's look will be in demand in Hollywood. The model has a few contacts on the ground, including top model Evelyn Rose, and is staying with fellow Kiwi expats, Heartbreak Island stars Harry Jowsey and Kristian Barbarich at their apartment in West Hollywood.

Amelia Finalyson Spy
Amelia Finalyson Spy

Finlayson says it's perfect as they have a gym and she is focused on being fitness personified, as she takes on the land of the stars. At 17 she made a bucket list: one item on was to move to LA and try to make it. These days the entertainment capital doesn't just offer opportunities for aspiring actresses or reality show wannabes, it also has a huge market in influencing. Finlayson intends to find her groove using a mix of her talents.

"I have always had a huge passion for media itself, before the whole social media world became a thing," Finlayson told Spy.

"A few things I would love to achieve while here are interviewing people on the red carpet — I have always dreamed of that from a young age. I'd love to start working in an entertainment media firm, working around the scenes in showbiz."

She admits she would consider a Playboy shoot.

"If there was a PG version... Kylie (Jenner) did it, it wasn't all so bad," she laughs.