Socialite Jaime Ridge and social media guru Tommy Bates are engaged, well-placed sources have told Spy.

The LA-based lovebirds have just enjoyed a picturesque European vacation — the latest in a series of romantic getaways — which also included a trip to Hawaii with brother Boston, mum Sally, and Sally's boyfriend Glenn Cotterill in March.

Ridge and Bates followed that up with a trip to Joshua Tree National Park in California in May, then in August they posted a lot of loved-up shots at a wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico, where they celebrated Ridge's birthday.

The photogenic couple also spent time on the Amalfi Coast in Italy — with her mother and Glenn once again — and their photos from there looked like posters for a honeymoon.


Spy understands Bates, who once famously dated broadcaster Samantha Hayes, proposed at the couple's next port of call, the Greek Islands, where they enjoyed one-on-one time again. In Santorini, Ridge posted a picture-perfect shot of the pair kissing, with a loving caption.

Jaime Ridge and Tommy Bates
Jaime Ridge and Tommy Bates

Ridge, who has grown into one of Instagram's classy influencers, posted a number of fashion-style photos of herself. Mysteriously, her ring finger was hidden in all the shots. However, in one of Bates' pictures, the magpie in Spy spotted what looked like a sparkler — albeit in a distant shot.

Early last year Ridge told Spy that she had met Bates in 2017 when visiting LA.

"Tommy and I are dating and are both really happy," she said. "I stay with him in Venice and am splitting my time between LA, Sydney and Auckland."

Jaime Ridge Spy
Jaime Ridge Spy

She did not respond to questions. The 26-year-old daughter of Sally and Matthew Ridge — whose birth featured on the cover of a women's magazine and who starred in a reality show with her mum — wants to keep the engagement news to herself for a little while, Spy's source says.