Toni Street is used to Seven Sharp viewers talking about her appearance - but she didn't expect her most recent attire to make headlines internationally.

When Street filled in for Hilary Barry on the show earlier this month, viewers noticed an awkward detail about her dress. "It looked fantastic standing up," said Street on The Hits Breakfast, "but when you sat down there were two darts underneath my breast area that ended up looking like big old saggy nips."

The story made it all the way to the Daily Mail, and Street addressed the malfunction on Instagram, dubbing it "boobgate" - the first time she has addressed feedback about her appearance.

"I've had it for 15 years since I first started [on television] so I think I'm used to it," Street told Stuff.


"On a daily basis, we'd get comments and criticism. Every single day someone would comment, 'Oooh, I hate Toni's hair like that', or 'That's a ghastly colour'. The same night you would have someone else saying that they loved it. You just honestly cannot win."

Street says that while normally she ignores that kind of feedback, with "boobgate", it was "blooming obvious".

"I literally got off air and was flooded with screen shots. First of all I was mortified and, secondly, I thought, 'I need to put people straight'. I felt like I was backed into a corner a little bit and I had no choice but to comment."