ZM Breakfast host Megan Papas had her photos stolen twice this week - for very strange purposes.

On Tuesday morning, Megan revealed she had discovered her photos were being used on a fake Tinder profile called "Brittany" in Australia. She was mildly concerned - particularly because she is already married - but decided to let it go.

Until Wednesday, when she discovered something even more alarming.

An Instagram account called @factpik (which has 156,000 followers) had shared two images of Megan - one, an on-air image of her, the second a joke photo in which she is wearing a bald cap gifted to her by Fletch and Vaughan.


The picture is attached with the caption: "Did You Know? In 2016, a mother shaved her daughter's head as punishment for bullying a bald girl with Cancer."

Megan read out some of the comments on air: "Justice," "respect," "can we give her a medal," but the kicker was the commenter who had seemed to notice it was fake news - but offered their own new story.

"This isn't f****** true. The girl in that picture was being bullied. Some boy decided to put hot glue in her hair... STOP SPREADING FALSE INFORMATION FOR PROFIT."

Thankfully, ZM fans reported the post as fake, and it has since been taken down.