Millie Elder Holmes has revealed she and her brother once pranked deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters by telling him they thought he was their real father.

Speaking in a series of light-hearted Instagram story posts, Holmes recalled the "funny story" of how she and her brother Reuben once stole their famous father's phone as kids, and started "prank calling" MPs.

"It was so funny," she recalled. "Winston Peters and Don Brash were on that list and when we did this prank call... we called up and we were like, 'Winston, I think you're my dad' or something so stupid."

She adds: "We were super young."


"We were like, 'we think my mum met you in Rotorua ages ago, and I think you're my dad'. He was like, 'This is nonsense, f**k off' and hung up the phone."

Returning to the camera for a follow up post she admitted, "I don't know if that's a funny story, but I just remember laughing about that so hard as a kid - we thought it was gold."

She then returned for another follow up post saying: "I just realised he's the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand!"