Taylor Swift fans are finding it hard to shake, shake, shake it off after shelling out for official Swift merchandise that contains a Tay-Tay typo.

While the spelling error is on shirts that were sent out last month, fans are only just starting to notice.

Twitter user April, who goes by the handle SavvyStardust, posted a picture of her snazzy Swift shirt showing off the spelling error.

The shirt shows a lyric from Swift's new single ME! but contains a misspelling of the word 'you're'


'Your'e the only one of you Baby that's the fun of you' it reads.

But it appears that the typo only affected those who opted for the crop top shirt, as fellow Twitter fans stated that there's no such spelling shock for those rocking the non crop top.

Response has been mixed amongst the Swift fan community with some fans vocally outraged.

While others were happy to have a bit of a laugh.

While others literally couldn't see what the problem was...