Kiwi comedian Melanie Bracewell is living it up in Bali with none other than superstar Chris Hemsworth.

The Billy T-winner posted a photo of herself with the Thor star for proof, captioning it: "This is me and my close personal friend Chris".

Sure, it's all just for laughs but it's an impressive snap nonetheless, plus she later happily reported, "I made Chris Hemsworth laugh today".

Mel is actually in Bali for the Pan-Asian Media Summit for upcoming Spiderman film Far From Home, which stars Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya and more.


She posted videos from the red carpet, pointing out the stars as they passed.

She also did a great job of promoting Kiwi series Wellington Paranormal, which she writes for and has appeared in.

She tweeted: "Tom Holland said he's a big fan of [Jemaine Clement] and of course I put a shameless plug to make him watch Wellington Paranormal and he said yes!

"We are bffs (best friends forever) now, expect me in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) any moment guys."

Fellow comedian Tim Batt said what we were all thinking: "If you get him to cameo in a future season, this will be such a coup."

Fingers crossed.