Anika Moa has revealed she "felt sorry" for her father Tia when he briefly became a member of Destiny Church.

Discussing news of the Church's new Coalition New Zealand Party on The Hits, Anika opened up about her late father's involvement.

She recalled him turning up to meet her wearing a t-shirt with the slogan "enough is enough" and says, "I cracked up!"

"I was like, 'you're funny, taking the piss out of Destiny Church," she said. But then he revealed that he was actually a member.


"He was like 'I joined Destiny Church and I have to give them 15 percent of my wages'.

"I felt sorry for him, that he was giving a lot of his money to [the church]."

When Hits Drive host Stacey Morrison asked why her father joined, Anika explained: "You know when you're... a bit lost, you need something, you hang onto something".

"This is my thing with Destiny Church," she continued, impassioned.

"I don't have anything against any religions, but Destiny Church get up my nose because they pull in all the hopeless, lost people and they take their money and now they're trying to get into government and that really grinds my gears."

Check out the full chat in the clip above.