ZM Drive host Bree Tomasel has taken her "relationship" with Hollywood star Channing Tatum to a whole new - and slightly creepy - level.

Bree has shared her ongoing saga with Channing on the show before, with the whole thing starting a year ago, after the Step Up star slid into her DMs on Instagram.

Now, she and co-host Clint Roberts are doing whatever it takes to get the pair to meet and cement their friendship in real life.

They recently announced they're going to LA to "hunt" Channing Tatum, but before that Bree tried her luck impersonating Channing's girlfriend, popstar Jessie J.

Bree is selling photos of her feet..

Will ZM's Bree & Clint really make enough money to get to L.A.? And could feet pics be the answer?? 👣

Posted by ZM on Thursday, 16 May 2019

While live on air, Bree called Channing's gym and put on a questionable British accent pretending to be Jessie, trying to get in touch with her boyfriend.

When the receptionist was clearly not buying it, Bree took a different route and asked to be put through to memberships where the woman on the other end of the phone was having none of her nonsense.

Check out the hilarious - and cringey! - chat in the clip above.