Married actors Siobhan Marshall and Millen Baird will tread the boards together in the US for the first time.

They will perform in Oracles & Miracles: A New Zealand Story for the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

"It will be awesome to do our first thing together in LA," Marshall tells Spy. "I was familiar with the story. I know Norelle Scott who wrote it and she'd spoken to me about writing a script for Fringe. I had no idea I'd end up playing one of the characters in her play.

"Mills and I are always working, creating weird characters, putting down auditions together and coming up with ideas. I love working with him. He makes me giggle and I love the way his mind works."


The couple have worked together on both seasons of Darryl for TVNZ and last year were in a play in Palmerston North called The Love List. Baird says Marshall was pregnant and nauseous for most of it, but they love working together and are excited to do more of it.

Oracles & Miracles also stars New Zealand actors Amy Waller, Donogh Rees, Elizabeth Hawthorne and Oscar Wilson. The play follows the journey of two working-class sisters growing up in Christchurch. Children of the Depression, they grow to adulthood through World War II and become mothers in the Baby Boom of the early 50s.

The production marks the 30-year anniversary of Stevan Eldred-Grigg's novel of the same name, on which it is based.

Baird's part is much smaller than Marshall's so he'll be doing the lion's share of care for the pair's gorgeous 9-month-old daughter Remy.

"It'll be interesting juggling our performance nights on stage together with childcare, but thankfully we have some friends to help out," says Marshall. "I love LA and it's so good to be back. Everyone here is so lovely and positive. The other day I took Remy for a walk and it was Mother's Day and literally every person I passed wished me a happy first Mother's Day."

Remy is such a good baby and getting a real cheeky personality! She'll be one in August."

- by Ricardo Simich