John Campbell finished his first week on Breakfast on Friday, and the crew celebrated with a short highlights reel.

It featured some great moments including John running late a couple times, interrupting Hayley Holt's update by gushing over Aldous Harding, and calling a guest by the wrong name before admitting: "I'm buggered".

But it also revealed the broadcasting legend's one major gripe with his new role, as he ran on set after they'd already gone to air without him.

He announced: "The outrageous thing about this show is it's called Breakfast and there isn't any!"


In another clip he got fired up over a story and then exhaled loudly and said: "That's what happens when I have muesli".

It’s fair to say we’ve loved our first week with John Campbell!

What a week. Welcome to Breakfast, John Campbell.

Posted by Breakfast on Thursday, 2 May 2019

And in another, he griped: "We don't get long enough to have some Breakfast on this show. This is ridiculous!"

To which Hayley responded: "You should throw your weight around and get us catering."

"Throw my weight around? Yeah, just like I did at TV3 - that went well didn't it?" he joked, referring to the 2015 axing of his show Campbell Live.

Luckily, co-presenter Matty McLean rectified the situation this morning saying: "John, it's your second week on Breakfast and I did hear you complain just a couple of times... maybe not complain but query..."

JC interrupted: "I did complain, I absolutely complained. I'm unioninsing the team. You can't call a show Breakfast and not serve it. It's a breach of the fair trade descriptions act, it is. Where's the bloody breakfast?"

With that, Matty presented a delightful breakfast selection to raucus applause from John - roll on week two!

Breakfast - finally! Photo / TVNZ
Breakfast - finally! Photo / TVNZ