Next week, Kiwi acting export stars Antony Starr and Karl Urban will attend the world premiere of their irreverent superhero take-down series, The Boys, at the prestigious Tribeca Film festival in New York.

The Amazon series, which is a slightly toned-down version of the raunchy comic books, sees Urban leading a bunch of vigilantes as Billy Butcher, while Starr plays caped-crusader Homelander. The show was developed by funnyman Seth Rogan and also stars Elisabeth Shue and Chace Crawford.

Starr, who became world famous in New Zealand for his double act as twins Van and Jethro West in Outrageous Fortune, should be used to seeing himself on billboards - but was excited this week to see his crotch in supersized form.

"So... today while driving along I was thrilled to see my/Homelanders crotch and legs and BOOTS on the wall of a store," he wrote on Instagram.


"I think it's a laundrette or a hair salon. Not sure. But one thing is for sure — that's Homelander's legs and cape and BOOTS!!" he added.

"Also there's a dog. That's nothing to do with the cape or the crotch or the legs or the boots, or anything else to do with Homelander. That's someone else's dog. Dunno. But who cares about that dog? Not me. He can piss all he wants... Cos behind the dog pissing . . . there . . . those are Homelander's BOOTS, legs, crotch and cape."

"As a boy, I always dreamed I would be up on the side wall of a Los Angeles laundrette or a hair salon. And today that dream mostly came true! Cos that's my lower half! Well, my lower half with a super suit on it. But I'll take it! And one day, maybe, just maybe, I'll get a full body image on a laundrette... you just never know."

As Homelander, Starr also dons a fetching peroxide blonde hair-do.